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StAK Insurance Solutions - Dedicated to Providing the Best Financial help

About Stak Insurance Solutions


Our Goal: based right outside of Peoria IL, our goal is to be a source of support specializing in health, life,

and retirement insurance, with a particular focus on Medicare Supplement plans. We are a dedicated

husband-and-wife team of Mike and Natalie Klein. Natalie Klein, by trade an educator, and Mike Klein,

a Veteran, have used their passion for helping others to build a business that simplifies the Medicare journey.

StAK Insurance Solutions specializes in Medicare Supplement plans, offering a range of options to provide additional coverage beyond what traditional Medicare offers. They understand that each person's needs are different, and through personalized consultations, they help clients choose the best plan to meet their medical

and financial requirements.

Our Mission: to assist individuals and families in our community as they navigate life’s changes. Our commitment

to personalized service and helping clients design a family or retirement plan that aligns with their unique needs and lifestyles sets us apart in the insurance industry. Medicare Expertise is one of the standout features we at

StAK Insurance Solutions offer for those entering or on Medicare. Medicare can be a labyrinth of options and regulations, often overwhelming for those who are about to embark on this phase of life.

Our name: We are not just business owners; we have three wonderful children. Our name is a combination of their names put together.
St is for Steven. 
A is for Avery.
K is for Kaydence.

Steven is our oldest and on the brink of an exciting journey, heading into the Army in the summer of 2024 after completing his senior year. Our two daughters are in eighth grade, soon to be freshmen at Metamora High School. We understand the importance of family and the need to protect what matters most in this world. We try to treat our clients with same respect and care we give our own family.

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